Friday, March 7, 2014


Another impromptu shoot but I am finding these are the most fun.  I am a pretty chill lady. I enjoy getting dressed up and I enjoy not doing so. These were taken on a 'hike' out at a place called Turkey Mountain... now if it is an actual mountain is quite questionable because it is more like a big hill. Who am I to say though... ;)   

I love comfortable and growing up I was outside all the time exploring and getting dirty. I still don't think it gets any more comfortable than a plain t-shirt and chucks.

And a shout to the always comfortable: HAREM PANTS

And like I warned you I dance...all the time. 
Now I guess I've developed a new hobby of dancing in the woods...?

For a while I was OBSESSED with Wilda Beast dance choreography to UPGRADE YOU by Beyonce... if you haven't seen it you need to CHECK IT NOW! 

Soo Naturally... I try to dance parts of what I could remember like a normal human being... in the woods.

They say 'dance like no one is watching' Well...literally there was no one around so I did dance. 

{ I wanted to give a more 'polished' look once I got back from the great outdoors }

So like before I just have my :

1. Harem Pants
2. Hi-top Chucks
3. Oversized T-Shirt

Then I added : 

1. Genuine Leather Vintage Jacket 
2. Grey Beanie 

This Jacket is one of my favorite finds. It is genuine leather with sheer sleeves. Which is great for when the weather starts to get more warm giving you the option to break out some beautiful black leather with not having to worry about getting too hot. 

Any chance I can get to wear BlACK + LEATHER I am going to take it!  

Cheers my friends! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014


If you know me you know I am always dancing & being in the woods isn't gonna stop me. Plus these photos are ridiculous So I had to post them...

IT has been a while since a post! Life has been very busy...but today was great. I was able to get fresh air and explore a little bit and I loved it. Fresh air is always a smart idea. I love being outside and this is just what I needed.

I bundled up today in a couple of thick bundled layers because the wind is killer. I found this burnt orange vintage suede coat thrifting & has been one of my favorites

Excuse the FRO...


Saturday, February 8, 2014



Jacket is one of my favorites.
 I found it thrifting one day and fell in love with it.
 It was a bigger size but because the arm length was perfect --> this find was golden 

The top half is 
leather & so are the cuffs.
 I am a sucker for vintage coats/blazers/jackets. When I find something like is a must! 


It actually came with 
shoulder pads in it.Sometimes
 in vintage pieces I like to 
leave them in, but because it already was big and bulky I took the shoulder pads out because if not I would look like a line backer XD

It was a freezing day and I wasn't feeling the greatest so  big-comfy-and-warm is the go-to from my closet always when I am not feeling well! 

Friday, February 7, 2014


This is just to let you know that 

--->> CIVIL + FREE blogroll will still be my main focus but I will be showcasing my photography here and there right at the page tab above called PHOTOGRAPHY . Click there to check out my first post!